četrtek, 22. november 2007


What kind of is my ideal workplace?
Timetable since Monday by Friday would work.Everbody that I would work for 8 hour, that I can had after still free time for my family. Very like was made in office and that I would have little physical work. Very like had also own company where be can alone led work. Every day be must to have also pauses in which was drunk up coffee. Also this would be important, that I would ear enough money, that I could live beautifully and that good car could buy and you built a small house where be live for my family.

Ok, I think that this would be ideal work for me.

četrtek, 15. november 2007


I downloaded this picture because I liked the big stage where the group have been playing. I think the stage is very important to make a better athmosphere on the group.

Author: Will Ellis

petek, 09. november 2007

On Wednesday, 7th November 2007 we had a concert at Mostovna. There is going to be a student party. We have been playing well-known Slovenian and foreign songs to make a better atmosphere at concert. We started playing at one a.m. Our concert last one hour and half. We were playing with Leathers rockers and Dej se en litro. The party were over one thousand students. The atmosphere was really good. Picture from concert will be uploaded as soon as possible.

sreda, 24. oktober 2007

OK, now I will tell you when I start using the Internet?

First time when I used the Internet was when I visited primary school.I had 11 years when my father brought me the first computer. First I will just playing the computer games, but then I started using the Internet.I created my first email account was on Volja. Now I have ADSL, which is very fast connection.I can be in the Internet how long I want but I pay the same price every months.I was very surprised how much interesting program, news and photo can be found there.

When I was younger I install IRC, but nowaday I have Messenger for talking with my friend.The most important thing is that I can searched everything for school and I can meet new people around the world.

I think the Internet is very important in my life, because I found all important information there.

sreda, 17. oktober 2007


OK now I am presenting my music band Corvus.

The band Corvus has risen on November of 2006
Carpe Diem split up after a short period of time , making it possible to bring in new members.In November of 2006 , Tadej Blazic joined the group , taking up the percussion's.After that , the band practiced for about 4 months , to have at last it's debut on march , 2007.Although the location was "compact" , Corvus put up a nice show.The reactions to the concert were positive , so the band decided to do more.But sadly , after a few gigs , the base guitar player Primoz left the band , bring in Corvus to a halt.Shortly after Primoz left , Gregor Kladnik ,the last but not least joined the crew.Gregor was a big fan of Corvus , and he was seen almost every time under the stage.After his arrival ,the band started to make it's own songs.After a few gigs , the band had enough money to go record in a studio.The band also played on a festival , was also an opening group for renowned Slovenian artists , so it has no intention to stop or give up.Plans for the future are clear...make at least 5 more songs , so we can then put an demo CD out.

Who like hear the Corvus sound go on: www.myspace.com/skupinacorvus.

How are you?
Welcome to my blogspot!

Ok,my name is Alan Premrl. I'm 20 years old. I live in Dornberk. I have a dog,his name is Vado. In my free time like I playing football, basketball and computer games. I have a musical band where I sing and play the guitar. My band name is Corvus. Now I am studying Mechatronics. I have a girlfriend, her name is Ana. Every weekend I go out with my friend and party.